Paralingual Index
Sound installation

In Paralingual Index, a voice will take you on a choreographed listening experience in the peripheries of language using 32 speakers. The exhibition takes its title from Paralingual Index no. 1, a series of signs that each represent a paralingual sound phenomenon. It is an attempt at mapping this often overlooked periphery of language.

The exhibition addresses the complexities inherent in navigating linguistic identities and serves as a canvas for interpreting, studying and playing with these new symbols. In this way, it questions the very essence of a mother tongue and further prompts reflections on identity, pride, and shame entwined with language.

Vocal interpretations: Francesca Burattelli

Sound assistance: Stephen McEvoy

Watch full vimeo documentation here

16.01.2024 - 27.01.2024, bb15 Space for contemporary art, Linz (AT)

Images courtesy of Laurien Bachmann